Online casinos are getting more popular day by day in the gambling world. One of the main reasons behind its success is the love given by the players or gamblers. These are easy to play and can provide you with the opportunity of making money just by using some of the tricks.

But there are some misconceptions also prevailing regarding different slot games. Regular players or gamblers are now getting smarter and understanding these misconceptions. So they try to find out the difference between reality and myth. But the newbies still need to know about these; only then can they improve their gameplay. By knowing some of the basic myths given here the beginners can also avoid these.

You cannot win by hitting jackpots.

There are many rumours prevailing regarding winning the slot gacor games. One of the most common of these is that there are fewer chances of winning after hitting the jackpot. One of the general reasons behind this can be that the money is allotted by the slot machines for that single day.

When asked by the experts regarding this problem, it is said that this is fully random. Therefore, the results depend on the random number that comes on the slot machines. There is no other problem regarding this.

Wins are less in autoplay.

Most players avoid playing in autoplay due to the myth that they will lose more when engaging in this. This occurs because of the reason that autoplay works faster, and this leads to the faster playing of numbers. Those who have experience playing in autoplay would find it not a big deal and can find the same winning chances.

Equal symbols appear on reels.

Another misconception is that the symbols with high payout are shown less than the lower payout symbols. This is not always wrong, as the slot game ensures that they offer big wins fewer times rather than giving this more frequently. This keeps the game more interesting and keeps the player stick to the game.

You can win big by wagering higher

Most beginners put high bets due to the myth that they will earn big wins. This is false, as you cannot get more earnings by putting more deposits in the game. Rather you can split your money into different games.

You can put a small amount of money into different slots and earn from different games simultaneously. So always try to put your deposits into the game by using different strategies, tricks and tips. Hence this will result in saving your money to a great extent.


Online slots are now one of the most played games on online platforms. Regular gamblers learn something new every time from online slots. If there are any misconceptions or myths, they are able to find those.

But beginners cannot find those due to less experience, and now after reading these, they can also know these to some extent. Thus knowing about these can complete your knowledge about the online slots to a great extent.


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